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Gemeinsam schaffen wir eine gerechte und vielfältige Stadt für alle!

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People have always changed their place of residence and made a new city their home. Whether you’ve only been living in your city for 2 weeks or 20 years, you’re an important part of it and you can change things there.
Do you feel powerless because you can’t find an affordable apartment, because the climate crisis becomes more threatening, because you experience discrimination, because right-wing groups become louder and you don’t know what to do? Many people feel the same way as you do and we want to bring you together through the „Locals United“ project. Together we are thinking about what we want to change to create a just and diverse city for all. From movie evenings, language cafés, protests, concerts, debate groups, flash mobs, information events to street theatre, there is no limit to your ideas!

The Locals United groups should be an open learning space where people with different perspectives and realities come together. It is important to us that everyone can feel comfortable within the group with their needs, which is why we try to make the meetings accessible to as many people as possible, for example through translators* and the search for rooms with as few barriers as possible.

Join us!

Would you like to make a difference? In autumn we will start with „Locals United“ groups in Leipzig, Berlin and Kassel. Be there and tell everyone. Next year, groups will be added in Potsdam, Halle, Göttingen and Wismar.



Would you like to network with the Locals United Team now or do you have any questions? Here you will find the contact person for your city:

regional coordination

Berlin and Potsdam

Angela Asomah has been coordinating the „Locals United“ project in Berlin and Brandenburg since July 2019. Previously, Angela studied „Management of Natural Resources“ and has been involved in political education on the subject of discrimination since April 2019. Angela deals with social injustice in a global context, intersectionality and Pan-Africanism.

Email: angela.asomah@bundjugend.de

Leipzig and Halle

Since July 2019, Zain Assaad has been coordinating the „Locals United“ project in Leipzig and Halle, studying communication and media studies, and enjoys writing texts about love, freedom and solidarity.

E-mail: zain.assaad@bundjugend.de

Kassel and Göttingen

Frederik Stecher has been the regional coordinator for the Locals United project in Kassel and Göttingen since 2019. At the same time she studies political science in Kassel and is involved in feminist contexts.

Email: frederik.stecher@bundjugend.de

Federal Coordination

Lea Dehning has been coordinating the „Locals United“ project at federal level since May 2019. Lea studied environmental science. In her free time she deals with intersectionality, is active in the climate justice movement and enjoys dancing.

Email: lea.dehning@bundjugend.de

Kevin Okonkwo has been a FÖJ since September 2019 and supports the project „Locals United“ from the federal office. Previously, Kevin has been committed to courage and anti-discrimination in the context of school. Kevin is active in the climate justice movement, likes music, eating and sleeping.

Email: kevin.okonkwo@bundjugend.de

What is BUNDjugend/Young Friends of the Earth Germany?

In the BUNDjugend, young people up to the age of 27 get involved in campaigns, protest actions and projects for ecological and social topics. We are the independent youth association of BUND (Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e. V.) and are connected with young people from all over the world through our international network Young Friends of the Earth.

Together we can achieve a lot! Join us in calling for the withdrawal from coal, an end to mass livestock farming and the protection of fugitives. Excite your fellow human beings for the diversity of nature or support fair world trade, climate justice and agrarian change with colourful campaigns. Find out what a just world without growth and consumption constraints could look like and what you can contribute to it.

It’s about our future… and we take it into our own hands! If you also want to change something, you are exactly right with the BUNDjugend: Here you can have a say, get involved and become active!

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